We know how to camp!

Ellen really really wants to go camping. Joe and I really really think it's too much work. So we camped out in the backyard! Unfortunately we couldn't get the tent set up due to missing poles! But we built a fire and we made tin-foil dinners (or "camp food" as Ellen calls it) and s'mores. We all sat out in the backyard for hours until the fire died. Best part was that after that we all came inside took showers and put on nice clean clothes and went to bed. Okay that wasn't really the best part, but it was enjoyable afterwards.
Oh-and surprise-i'm 38 weeks pregnant! :)


This is Kaylin. I feel bad that Kaylin missed out on the blogging phase of my life. People don't know her like others know Ellen. This a fun pic of the little girl though. She LOVES to be outside-rain, snow, or sunshine. She loves to be running around playing and having people watch her. Typical 2 year old huh? She gives sweet kisses and loves her mom! I'm a lucky one!


Month 1

Well that went by quickly. Things are going great! We added two new occupants to our home. And now they're not pets. My sister Aimee and her son/my nephew Harrison. Most of you probably know them. They're famous. It's been great and they help us out...a lot. We're really enjoying our new home. It's still undecorated with plenty of empty space, but we're all having a good time anyway! Today Ellen and Harrison start school. Ellen's ecstatic and Harrison's dreading it. They're like brother and sister! Life is good :)


Week 1

So we've painted and fixed up a few things around here. We're just now getting our stuff out of boxes. I go back and forth with my thoughts on this house. And it's not just THIS house, it's just the responsibility of a house in general. This is a good house, really. But this is how it goes in my head:

This is gonna be really good!

Are we going to be able to afford it?!

I really like this house!

I'm not so sure this was a good idea.

I am happy with what we got!

Joe, this is a really big house....

I love all this space!

Our water bill is going to be how much?!


It goes on and on. :)


Newest addition for the Reedy Fam:

We are officially home owners! This is a day that we honestly thought would never happen, but miraculously it did. Thanks to those of you who helped it happen (you know who you are)! So far Joe and I are exhausted by the house, but the girls are completely in love with it! Ellen loves to spend most of her time in the backyard and Kaylin loves having plenty of space to run around. Hooray! We'll be moving in this weekend and after it's all spiffed up we'll be having a house warming party. :) Now we actually have space to throw all the get-togethers we want. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!


Pool time!

Welcome summer! We're soaking up every saturday down at the pool in our apartment complex. This past Saturday we took Kaylin down there for her first experience playing in the pool. The result: she had more fun on the cement with the pool toys and we got some really cute pics!